Fiat 500C Spiaggina






500C Spiaggina


The Fiat’s 500 ‘Topolino’ was built from 1936 to 1955,  as a result, hundreds of thousands of Italians had the opportunity to own a car for the very first time. As Europe's economy stabilized from post-war struggles, the bon & belle vivant began to make their way to the Italian Riviera once again and cars started to be used as fun and exciting modes of travel instead of just as necessities. The first to start this trend is said to be the ever-stylish Fiat mogul, Gianni Agnelli, who kept his bespoke Fiat 600-based example on his yacht and would winch it down every time he docked.

Spiaggina conversions were offered by some of the best design houses, such as Pininfarina, Vignale and Ghia - however there was no better candidate for conversion than the original ‘Topolino’.

This car first started life as a 500C ‘Topolino’ Belvedere, but as was the fate of many of these cars — affectionately nicknamed the ‘Little Mouse’, for the one and only Mickey — was converted to Spiaggia specification in period. The car was eventually purchased by a Lake Como-based Topolino museum, from which the previous owner purchased the car 15 years ago.

Along with an all-steel chassis and a 569 cc, four-cylinder, OHV engine with a Weber 22DRS carburettor, the car is fitted with an Art Deco steering wheel, and its doors were replaced with a secured woven rope. The roof features a parasol, and all four seats are rattan chairs with seat pads. This Spiggina is the idea vehicle for any beach resort or marina worldwide.

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