Renault Estafette "Plein Air"

The Renault Estafette in its " Plein Air " version is a particularly rare and interesting car. Its design was developed before 1960 with a view to commercial production. It even appeared in various commercial catalogs. - it also appeared in various Renault documents under the name Minibus Tropique. This extremely rare version of the Estafette is a highly original interpretation of the beach car, with a fully open rear platform fitted with a modular arrangement of wicker seats, and without doors or windows. This example, which has just 8321 km, is presented in original condition. The original wicker seating is in reasonably well-preserved condition front and back. The fittings appear to be complete with the exception of the cleverly designed interior handrail which will be re-fitted. According to Renault Classic, the number of examples produced was not recorded, and this example belonging to Mr. André Lurton, would have served as a response vehicle at the Renault Flins industrial site. Archive images show an identical vehicle being used in 1959 for a visit around the Flins factory by the USRR premier at that time, Nikita Khrushchev. It is quite feasible that this car, which was bought by Mr Lurton directly from Renault Histoire et Collection in 2003, is the same car. It is likely that André Lurton was the sole owner this vehicle, apart from Renault. This Estafette has therefore never been on the market and is a superb rarity.
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