Fiat 500 C Topolino S.E.A.R.






500 C Topolino S.E.A.R.

Launched in August 1936, 83,266 examples of the Fiat 500, immediately privately nicknamed the “Topolino” (Mickey Mouse) because of its headlights that recalled the ears of the Walt Disney character, were produced before the war and another 38,750 between the end of hostilities and 1948. Modified, improved and renamed the “500 B”, another 21,262 examples were produced over the two year period 1948-‘49. Therefore when the 500 C was launched in 1949 it was already a tried and tested model of which over 140,000 examples had been produced for around a full ten years: it was undoubtedly the greatest Italian motorcar success to date. However the project’s creator, the brilliant Dante Giacosa, still had a series of improvements in store that would see the light in the definitive and more modern version - the 500 C - which joined the Italian motorcar stage from 1949 to 1954, 376,368 examples of which were produced, a volume hitherto unimaginable. This result was due to the improvements made to the product and, above all, to the manufacturing process. In fact, immediately after the war the big American manufacturers gave Fiat advice and technology. This wonderful example lived a charmed life, and was the treasure of a Capri based collector, who commissioned the modification to "Spiaggina" specification by renowned Neopolitan Carrozzeria, S.E.A.R. in 1963. Owned and maintained from new until circa 1977. From then it was collector owned and lovingly cared for. In 2018 the Topolino was completely restored to a high standard, featuring all new mechanicals, gorgeous Navy Blue paint and correct Midollino Rattan interior. This charming classic is accompanied by a large binder containing its original Libretto, and related origin documents.
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