Bentley S3 Park Ward Continental






S3 Park Ward Continental

By late 1962 the success of the S Series Continental Bentleys entered its third and final chapter, with the introduction of the S3 Continental. The major cosmetic change was the introduction of the twin headlight system, providing Bentley drivers with more illumination. Mechanically speaking the S3 Continental was very similar to the S2 Continental, but benefited from having larger carburettors fitted and an upgraded power steering system. The success of the Vilhelm Koren designed Bentley S2 Continental had pleased the powers that be at Park Ward and his design was adapted for the S3 Continental chassis, with the introduction of twin headlights. The coachwork did not lend itself happily to horizontal headlights so they were instead positioned on a slight slant, a design that has commonly become known as the Chinese Eye.  The chassis was completed at Bentley Motors in September 1965, then delivered to the coachbuilders where the car was completed November 1965, with a guarantee issue date of 23 / 11 / 1965, making this one of the very last S3 Bentleys to be produced before the T series was introduced. Special features included Hirschmann Electric aerial, luggage straps, lockable cubby doors to the door pockets, fog lamps, hood bag & cover, electric windows to doors, mirrors to both vent frames and a power operated roof. Finished Masons Black with full Saddle interior has been exhaustively restored to Concours condition.
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