Lancia Superjolly

FOR SALE $POA Currently under restoration







Dark Red with Black interior, 101,000 km, 1.8 liter Flat-four engine, 4-speed manual transmission. 

The truck is said to be the only known surviving car transporter example. Mechanicals are Flavia-based, with a boxer-four driving the front wheels. Suspension is independent all around. Built from 1963 to 1970 as a replacement for the Appia based Jolly, these 1.5 ton Superjollys were mostly sold as vans, though pick-ups, ambulances, and small buses were also made. This auto transporter is said to be the only known to exist, though it’s not clear whether it’s a factory-built, or the product of a commercial coachbuilder. Interesting details are found throughout, for example, the low deck height enabled by front-wheel drive and four-wheel independent suspension.  

Power comes from a 1.8 liter boxer four shared with the Flavia. A few sources report that a high degree of aluminum used in cab construction, though again details for this example are limited.

The loading ramps are ingeniously stored within the bed and are utilized through a system of locking pins and securing wing-bolts. The deck is in excellent structural shape and cars are easily driven on and loaded - the deck features adjustable wheel chocks, through locking pins and location holes along the entire deck edges.  Recently mechanically refreshed and ready to enjoy. 

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