Fiat Ducato Spyder-One by Carrozzeria Introzzi

Two-tonw white/grey paintwork, blue Alcantara interior with Wilton carpeting, fully rotisserie restored in 2019. 1.9 liter diesel engine, 5-speed manual gearbox.  This is the only existing example of a Fiat Ducato Spyder-One - an open top seven seats minibus built in 1986 by Carrozzeria Introzzi, a coachbuilder based in Lipomo. near Lake Como. Introzzi was a coachbuilder famous for its ambulances, hearses, and promotional vehicles - as well as one-offs such as a Giulia Super Torpedo built for Italian President Saragat in 1966. The Spyder-One was shown at the Turin Motor show in 1986, then was used for some years by Fiat to drive visitors around its factories in Turin. It was privately sold and road registered in 1992 and reappeared on Capri to be used as an open air taxi for several years. Today it remains in its original 1980's angular style and a two tone white/grey body per original specification is (hand) made of steel (Introzzi left untouched only the front scuttle and the floorpan). Structural stiffness is assured by a longitudinal steel "hoop"; one door on the right side gives access to seven seats and a rear compartment with two small hatches gives luggage space. Mechanically the Spyder-One is standard Ducato. FWD, transversely mounted 2445 cc 72 HP Fiat normally aspirated diesel engine. with a five speed gearbox. McPherson struts at the front (plus front discs brakes) and a beam axle on leaf springs at the rear. It runs and drives beautifully. The odometer shows only 28000 km (17500 miles) and it is ready for seasonal enjoyment.
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