MV Agusta 750 S




MV Agusta


750 S


21,000 KM

A 750S prototype, built out of a 600, was shown at the 1969 Milan show, but it was still some time before the 750S went into limited production. The show prototype was very strikingly styled as a sports machine, and, as expected, was the star of the show. The claimed power was 65 horsepower at 7,000rpm, the top speed 225kph. Production years for the "first series" MV 750S continued through 1973; with the "second series" starting the next year, 1974. Ostensibly a hand built motorcycle there were a myriad of technical and aesthetic changes, batch by batch. Matching engine and frame numbers with a factory published "spare parts variation list" is clearly a noble task, And by 1973 there appears to be some randomness in the numerical order in which engines and frames were assembled, meaning that a 1973 engine may well have been installed in a 1974 frame. A total of 402 750Ss were produced with 9, 56, 187 and 150 respectively each year in 1970 through 1974. This First series example was ordered new from the factory by Sig. Pederzani, a close friend of Count Augusta, therefore carried a number of unique parts and features, not the least of which, the stunning 230mm Fontana Magnesium drum brake. In addition, this example features a rare GP style full fairing, early Ceriani ribbed forks, and several additional early production unique details.
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